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Welcome to the Beupstry

on January 1, 2015

Welcome! I’m Kara – the founder of and (currently) sole contributor to The Beupstry!

Who are you?

I’m a person who has spent a lot of my life being either angry or depressed and I’ve finally woken up to the fact that we actually do only get one life, and that it’s finite, and that we have a surprising amount of choice in how we live it. I’ve previously chosen to be reactive, bitter, angry, and powerless but I’m finally starting to make some progress in changing that. And I have to tell you, it’s more fun not being those things.

What is this place?

This is where I’m going to talk about what I’m doing to change my attitude and how that actually has an impact on my life. There will some introspection on what I’m saying to myself and the techniques I’m using to pull myself out of the holes I end up in sometimes. I’ll also be covering and sharing other resources that I’ve found helpful for this change in trajectory.

Why would anyone want to read this?

Ah, the thought that keeps 99% of people from writing what they think online 🙂 Maybe you shouldn’t. That’s ok, this doesn’t have to be for everyone. But I also know that one of the things that kept me from really making a meaningful change in how I lived my life was that when I heard about things that other people had done to make themselves happier, I would tell myself:

“well, sure, that’s fine for those people, but it would never work for me”

There’s a whole lot of self-loathing wrapped up in that thought and it’s not necessarily true. Part of why you might want to read this is that I’m going to be sharing all the internal thoughts I have as well, and I would bet that many of them will sound familiar to a lot of you. And if you can see that someone with the same opinion of themselves that you have of yourself is managing to dig herself out of that painful, unhappy place, maybe it will help you. And that’s really the point of this site. I want to be happy, and I want to help you.



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